Vector drawings & 

hand drawings

My love of drawing always precedes my creations. To indulge in a pencil drawing, will always be my choice of escape.


Cut and paste piece, inspired by the hidden truth

of a clown.



From the time of the event, to the location of it, from the love & passion behind it, to the individuals involved-

A special event carries a lot of inspiration for me to create the perfect picture to represent your meaningful occasion.



The Zodiac

A popular subject, led to a creation of images, which can be printed on various objects


A selection of quirky

animals in just as

quirky settings. 


Little Moombeams

A selection of clothes I designed 

for little girls

Chilli Dance support work.004.jpg


Two full sets of fonts I designed.

Naughty Cocktails

Illustrations of cocktails from the Bar Tenders Manual