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Ladybug party

Made out of heavy card stock. The wings slide open to reveal the party information. The guest is addressed on the back of the ladybug, and invite is handed out by the loop string.

Fairy theme

A watercoloured print, with hand embellished silver glitter scattered by the fairy.​

To the movies

A microwave popcorn bag unfolds to reveal an invite to the movies. The guest is addressed on the reverse on a sticker label.

Ballet theme

A hand made invite-A pair of ballet slippers, layered with pink felt ballet slipper cutouts. The center of each slipper was accented with a tiny diamonte stone. The party invite was printed in a pink font to match the slipper. The heel of each slipper had 2 ribbon loops, knotted together to form a handle. Each guest was addressed on the reverse of the foot, which had an outline of the slipper.​The ballet slippers were handed out hanging from the ribbon tie-up loop.

Sleep over

The invite to a sleepover slides out of a hand made, padded sleeping bag. The size of the bag  was 19cm/7.5 inches.

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