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Baby Shower



A bookmark, in a coordinating envelope, was posted out as the invite.

With it's practical usage, it served as a reminder till the event, and then of course, as a functional momento.


​The two older daughters pink bikes, followed by a cream coloured baby carriage.
In reverse order, the 2 colours blend for the back ground panels.
With a thumbhole cutout, the insert slides out with the event information and an image of the baby carriage. The insert is enclosed behind the card.



Inspired by the chosen theme of the event, the actual invite was the 3 pieces as above, hung on a fine rope with minuscule clothes pins.With enough ease in the string, all 3 were stacked. They slid out of envelope, stacked in the order of the hat (to announce event), followed by one-piece and then sock.Behind the knots of rope on both sides, I placed a tiny magnet to make it possible to be hung on the refrigerator as a reminder.

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