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I introduce eager young artists to well-informed pieces of art, the artists who create it,

and how we can apply similar techniques to create Art & Design.

Age-appropriate knowledge of art & Design will be shared, to create

fun and educational pieces.

The remote class is held on Zoom, where I am able to

individually interact

with the Eager Young Artists, as each class size is a set number of

four artists only.

I will show them images to

inspire, teach and guide them to create their art,

and give them an hour to express themselves

during this unusual time of our lives...


£10 per class, monthly payment of £40 to book your young artist

Art is therapeutic, particularly for children


Ages 11-14 (The Artistics)

Ages 7-10 (Li'l Artists)

1-2-1 hour long lessons also available upon request

Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays  *

Timings negotiable

Below is some work from the lessons given to my young artists


Little Artists, ages 7-10

Artistics, ages 11-14

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