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Fourteen years ago, our third child, Qeis, was born with Down Syndrome. After a few years of intense focus on understanding his condition and coming to terms with it, I needed to do something for myself. I decided to return to my love of Design, and was determined to complete an unfinished degree in Graphic Design. My interest in Editorial Design, and my unexpected role as a mother to a child with Down Syndrome was the inspiration to create a book I called 'Hope'.


Hope features children, teens and adults with Down syndrome, who have been encouraged to reach their potential. If you browse through the book on the next page, you will be awed by the potential of people with Down syndrome!


Since we were based in Cambridge, England, it was relevant to feature individuals from the western part of our world. As a Pakistani family, I am eager to shift the perspectives of the South Asian part of the world.


Being mindful of the possible difficulties relating to the provisions available in the West (in the current version of Hope), Umeed, (‘Hope’ in Urdu, the national language of my country, Pakistan) will feature stories of individuals with Down syndrome from Pakistan, India, and any other neighbouring countries.


To pursue my desire to change perspectives towards those with Down Syndrome, I ask for your support in connecting me with South Asian families, who have been blessed with someone with Down Syndrome.


Below, there is also an option to donate, which will be greatly appreciated, as Umeed will be self-published. The donations will help me display the next generation of individuals of South Asian descent with Down syndrome, as capable and respected ‘people’ in their society. I remain focused on redefining the depiction of Down syndrome across our world.


Tania Khan

is Hope in Urdu, the national language of Pakistan, my country

Hope is a compilation of illustrations, photographs and stories to capture the potential of someone you might know with     Down syndrome. Below are a few pages from the current book published for the west,
Umeed will feature stories of thriving individuals with Down syndrome from our part of the world.


At the degree show, I received an award from One Space Media for Raising Awareness Through Design,

I was also awarded a years membership by Aalia- who work with entrepreneurs and businesses that aim to make a positive change for people in our world.

Since my donations to the NHS maternity clinics, Hope is gifted to every family, after the birth of their child!  My aim was to get these books to be presented to families who have babies diagnosed with Down Syndrome, either postnatally or prenatally. 

When our son Qeis started to attend schooI, I donated copies to each of the Inclusive Primary schools in our city of Cambridge.   It was almost urgent that the teachers, the students, and their parents were educated.

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